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We Put Our Heart in Every Mix

At Muchacha Brewing Co, our story is a captivating fusion of cultures, passions, and the desire to bring the vibrant flavours of Mexico to the sun-kissed shores of Australia. 

It all began with "Muchacha," a Mexican eatery nestled in North Curl Curl, where tantalising flavours met the laid-back Australian beach culture. Founded by two kindred spirits, Matt and Lee, whose love for authentic Mexican traditions and California's laid-back spirit led them to embark on a unique journey. 

The overwhelming love for Mexican cuisine and Margaritas led to the natural evolution of  Muchacha Brewing Co. Lee partnered with Muchacha's chef & extended familia, Gaston.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse culture of Mexico and by Matts passion, Muchacha Brewing Co aims to create a symphony of flavours that resonate with both countries. With a commitment to sourcing the finest Australian ingredients, we bring the essence of Mexico to you with every sip. We're dedicated to sharing moments of celebration, togetherness, and authentic taste.

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